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Sneak peak at Twirlywoos season 2

Hello everyone, I am BACK. Back, with a paid review! It’s okay, before you start accusing me of being a media puppet, I should point out that 1) I really only got paid with a link to a video and this rather fetching headband for Herbie, and 2) I like free things.

Anyway, if you have CBeebies constantly on in the background like I do, you’ll know that when you finally pass from this world to the next it will be with the  Justin’s House theme ringing in your ears, and also you’ll be aware of the Twirlywoos.


In case you’re not familiar, though, The Twirlyoos is one of the Anne Wood friendly-shapes-with-funny-names canon, like Teletubbies and In the Night Garden. It features a group (family?) of roundy, primary-coloured bird-like creatures (no beaks but webbed feet) who live on a boat, communicate in little trills and helicopter off every episode to spy on humans doing things in order to learn about new concepts (up and down, fitting together, ‘over’, etc.). Poldark it is not.

I must admit I am slightly perturbed by way Peekaboo lives on the boat, too, without the Twirlywoos’ knowledge. This makes me uneasy whenever I watch it, because I fear an eventual Captain Philips-style showdown. But generally I like it because

  • Herbie likes it
  • The theme song sounds like Ed Sheeran would sound if Ed Sheeran wrote sea shanties for children
  • It’s not bloody Baby Jake.

This morning Herbie and I watched the new episode of the new season of Twirlywoos, which airs on Monday 28 November, over breakfast. As you can see, he is having a terrible time.

Herbie hearts Twirlywoos.

A video posted by Robyn 🇬🇧(🇪🇸🇮🇹🇳🇵🇫🇷🇱🇷) (@orbyn) on

In this episode, the Twirlywoos visit a man with a magnificent sergeant-major moustache as he covers his car with foam to clean it (is this a thing? I don’t drive and also have no moustache). The Twirlywoos then get involved, and as you can imagine, FOAMY CHAOS ENSUES.

Herbie’s review:

  • ‘BOAT!’ (The Twirlywoos’ red boat)
  • ‘BIRDY! BACK BACK!’ (The quacky birds that sit on top of the boat actually get a look in on the action in this episode)
  • ‘BED! BOO! BEDDOW! BINK!’ (Various colours)

My review:

  • There was no reappearance of the wobbly jelly that once came aboard once, ate Peekaboo, and generally made Herbie a collection of hysterics, so I was happy
  • It was colourful and gentle and informative
  • It still isn’t Baby Jake, which is like a DRILL THROUGH MY HEAD.

Basically, hooray for the Twirlywoos! Did you know you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube? Well, now you do.