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mad blog awards 2016

if you vote for me all your wildest dreams will come true*

Someone(s) has nominated this blog as ‘blog of the year’ in Tots 100’s Mad Blog Awards!

Despite this clear lapse of judgement, I am right chuffed, for the following reasons:

1. I was nominated in the ‘lifestyle writer’ category for a Words by Women award, and not did I not win, I was too poorly to go to the awards ceremony and show off my losing face:


2. I’ve heard the Mad Blog Awards events are basically piss-ups of bacchanalian proportion, rammed full of raging mums on the lash, and I think it’d be an interesting social experiment to see, now that my alcohol tolerance has dropped to half a glass of prosecco, how I’d fare in that environment.

So, please, vote for me in the ‘blog of the year’ category, and all your wildest dreams will come true. Specifically, those dreams featuring me in an ill-fitting dress tripping over my ill-advised shoes on the way to the podium, then blurting out the worst possible expletives during my speech because I’ve exceeded my half-a-glass-of-prosecco limit.

So don’t delay – vote now! (When you get to the page, it’ll ask you to nominate a blog for ‘blog of the year’; nominating is voting in this case – if I get enough nominations I become a finalist. Please and thank you)

Tots 100 Awards

*Sorry, typo. MILDEST. Your MILDEST dreams will come true.