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April 2016

Adventures in Japanese Nappies


Hello! Herbie and I have spent the last few weeks trialling some Japanese nappies, which are things that exist. In case you have an attention span like mine, here’s the TL;DR: Excellent nappies – better than anything we’ve bought in a supermarket – comfortable and leak-free, but twice the price of regular nappies: 5/10.

Here’s the longer version. Japanese nappies, ho!

Jolly Winnie the Pooh characters adorn the nappies themselves, but the real design pull is the illustrated bright blue packages they come in. They are pink and sparkly and beautiful. Even the instructional diagrams are cute. Then there’s this guy – not sure what he’s supposed to be. A tooth? A little bit of human fat? A really solid wee? Either way, I’m all for him:

I don't mean to be all foregone-conclusion, but all nappies should be marketed by this guy. #moonydiapers

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EASE OF USE: 10/10
Herbie is up and running these days, and during nappy changes he likes to throw himself around like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance, so I opted for pull-up pants, as using regular nappies is like trying to origami traditional nappies onto a violent octopus. Luckily, Moony pants work in the same ways as Pampers etc. You just pull them up to put them on, and rip them down the side seams to get them off. (Apologies for image quality; once you remove Herbie’s clothes he basically WILL NOT STAY STILL.)


COMFORT: 10/10
Presumably because of willy placement and wee diffusion, there are different Moony pants for girls and boys (incidentally, the sizes aren’t the UK numbered standard, but listed by weight). These nappies work in the same way as any other, but they seem more… architecturally padded. The concertina pleats at the waistline are dense, and there are more folds at the hip than your standard pant, allowing for all sorts of movement. They’re quite clever, really.

These pants have been with us to Finland and back.

Don't Look Now.

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They have seen us through several delayed train sojourns across the country, and have even accompanied us through Herbie’s brief stint of weeing non-stop through the night, and a very bad-parent-day when I left him unchanged for about 10 hours.

They have only leaked once, overnight, and I suspect it was because I didn’t put them on properly (it’s okay, I washed the tea towel afterwards):

Also, nappy waistlines can aggravate Herbie’s eczema on his abdomen and lumbar region, but so far the Moony pants have been the least harmful out of all the ones we’ve tried (mainly Pampers and Tesco’s own).


UNFORTCH at the moment they’re only available through Amazon, or the Best Baby website (with a £2 discount). Which you will need, because they are…

COST: 3/10
£22.50 for 38 nappies, which is pretty ridiculous, even with a discount. That said, each nappy can last an entire day without leakage or discomfort. Hopefully if they start importing the nappies into the UK wholesale the cost will come down. I genuinely love them and am very sad to have to go back to stupid regular nappies now.

Hold onto your hats, THEY MAKE MOOMIN NAPPIES NOW.


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I picked some up in a Finnish supermarket, and they worked equally as well as the Japanese nappies, which is now one of the major reasons I want to move to Finland. Hopefully they’ll start importing to the UK. In the meantime, Japanese nappies get my thumbs-up, but only on payday.

I mean, just look at how happy Herbie looks after a Japanese-nappy-nap:


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